Sedecimpus – No keyframes C4d R&D messing about

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 March 10, 2020

After 2+ years messing around with Cinema 4D, i finally feel i have made a step in understanding it..
There is a lot of bases to cover in order to achieve a minimum which i feel i am getting close to have covered.
As with ableton live, i’ve never been comfortable with “timeline” and keyframing. I hate the fact to have to settle down with an idea and build upon it, not giving you a lot of control and quite often a nightmare if you decide to change direction or like with photoshop, trying as much as possible to keep layers and not flatten comp (which sometimes is not possible)
Xpresso Work in progressFortunately, dynamics and Xpresso (witch can be frightening at first) enables you to control almost anything building your very own control rig and create a “living” thing, that react and evolve.

In this project, i am trying to get a an organic animation feeling without any keyframes! (except a few to control the rig)
It is not advanced stuff but it have opened my eyes on the possibilities that xpresso offers.

Music: Collab between Phonograph and myself

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