Guitar Draft

Well, i am actually a bit ashamed to upload those tracks. If it can be called such. It is recording i did with the cheapest classical guitar you can could find but good for practice..

It is when i get a sudden urge to play guitar (never far away) that i feel the most inspired. But this inspiration is sometime hard to catch and can be lost easily by simply getting distracted by the steps involved in the recording.

Fortunately, with the smartphone generation, once you find the good tools (tuner, recorder etc) , it gives you a certain freedom and help a lot by fading away in the background, witch lets you concentrate on the important stuff. There is no purpose in editing nor mastering it! It never gonna sound like a proper recording but good enough to keep ideas and rework them later on.
It is interesting, to listen old stuff and see the evolution time after time. As well, it reminds you certain melody and way to play that may be forgotten. I have had some surprises, trying to find again old stuff, with different tuning, with a different style and way to play, opening new roads for inspiration…