The Maoartlanders





I am pleased to introduce you to the Maoartlanders : )

Shooting portraits with a 8mm can in itself give you some freaky stuff but add a little touch and voila!
Photoshop comes in handy but thats not all.. To get good results, you need to be very careful in the way you shoot in the first place.
Precise lighting, focusing, low iso, shutter speed and aperture are essential! Especially if you stretch pixel, you need to have a very sharp image to start with…

Most of those have been shot in clubs (as most of the DTF series) where lighting condition can be horrendous. To get 125+ shutter speed and 8-11 aperture at iso<320, you need a good lighting. For that, i use a canon 580ex combined with an Orbis ring flash diffuser (triggered via pixel soldier). The diffuser is mandatory, due to the lens angle and proximity of the subject.

An other tricky parameter is the focus. The diffuser covering focusing aid beam, you have to set up a little light to help the automatic focus. The Orbis can as well be a pain for the focus ring if handheld!
An other great piece to add to the setup is an addition battery grip and a strap. It helps to keep the camera firmly in hand (have been close a few time to see the camera eating the floor ; )


Have been asked a few time if i could do that with pictures sent by costumers but unfortunately, that is rarely possible.
The result wouldn’t be anywhere close.

But if you want one to become part of the Maoartlander’s family, drop me a mail!

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