Maoartland v5

 March 25, 2013

Here it is, after long monthS spent on it, I am happy to introduce you Maoartland V5! 
You will find here most of the work i have done for the past few years in divers digital domaine.

I decided few month back to go through all my data and do a good cleanup. My Drobo (a must have if you are serious about your data) was full to the neck! Bad mistake indeed. Drobo is a multi hard drive back up system mixing stripping/mirroring RAID called Beyond RAID. It duplicate and spread data on multiple disk (in my case 4 disk totalling 6Tb for 3Tb of usable space). What this does is that in the event of a disk failure, data will be spread to the other drive giving time to replace the failed drive (had to replace one so far).  At 92% full, it enters slow-down mode and theoretically should switch back to full speed once space freed but did not. Had to transfer everything on to different HD hoping to not lost anything during process… Took a while but has been successful!

Deleted over 4000 pics and overhall around 1.5Tb of data! Weirdly, that feels good : ) It is a long, meticulous and painfull process that requier some thinking ahead, but once done and kept regulary up to date, workflow and data security are more manageable

Once data management done, time to organise the portfolio itself. Easier said than done… I feel like i have too much stuff of low to medium quality but could not resolve myself to get rid of it (maybe later on). I went through most of it, spent time retouching, correcting, polishing, stitching, exporting, equalising, compressing and so on, until i got sick of it. There will always be something to improve but need to stop at some point!

For the site, this time, i went for wordpress. I am used to joomla and took a little while to get around it but i think it suits better the purpose. Found all the plugins needed and overall performance ok. Performance issues are  mostly due to poor server provider, no budget for a dedicated one.

What’s coming next?
At the present time, i am working on a big project that should take weeks if not month to complete so the site may not get many updates until then. I made a store already but will be off line until i get the time and space to manage it properly.
Other than that, i hope to find time to edit FPV video that have been pilling up for a while. Even thou it may be useless as i am not satisfy yet of my driving and tuning skills, that would fun to share : )

Stay tuned!

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