lCCo v1

All musician know how it is like to enjoy playing an instrument but for producers, things are a bit different. You can play a keyboard or other midi instruments but it isn’t really the same feeling. Most of the time, you work track by track on a timeline and edit. Here, i tried a different approach.

With LCCO “Live Controlled Chaos Orchestra”, you are the orchestra conductor except that instead of a stick, you have keys, knobs and faders. Live because no loops audio or midi are used, except for the kick and main drums to concentrate on the rest. All the instruments, randomness and parameters are controlled live via midi keyboard MAudio Ozonic. It can sometimes get a little crazy and is easy to lost control but, with practice, you can anticipate wild behaviour and keep a relative control over it..

The feeling you get when you close your eyes and just go with the flow is indescribable! When, with a bit of luck, note come my way, it gives me the shiver!
Unfortunately those are not proper tracks, i cannot edit nor master them because of the nature of the project. They are cuts from 10-20 mins bounced live.
At the time i made this, i was on macbookpro 2core, seriously limiting the capability to record bunch of tracks and parameters at the same time keeping latency low enough to play live. As soon as CPU limit is reached, it become impossible to anticipate and control. I now have a dual quad core Xeon and have, from this idea, developed a second version of LCCO with much more freedom not having to worry about the CPU (at first). More information about the techniques and idea on LCCO v2’s page.

LCCO v2 is played differently thou. Keyboard keys only control the scale(s), not the midi impulses. In V2, impulses come from loop sliced to midi. In V1, impulses are generated by key input but pass thou different process witch at first feels a bit weird (sounds are not necessary generated in time with the key input, a bit like quantizing but different processing).

Please, listen with caution! As i said it is live recording (one bounce) and as such, i can’t edit individual notes. Some instruments and midi channels went a bit crazy, and gave time to time unwanted high frequency notes that can be very annoying, even painful to listen to, so do not put the volume too high at first!

Ps: Prt is not part of LCCO project. It is just a fun test playing a midi guitar!
You Rock Guitar, an other very interesting way to control midi! It is not only a toy to play video games (actually never played the game), it is a real and configurable midi controller.

The feeling is wired at first and could not really play like a guitar (gen1) but enjoy the fret table very much. I am much more comfortable with a guitar than with a keyboard and come up with very different stuff. I would advise to anyone in the same kind of stuff to give it a try! The vibrato is, on its own, is a very a killer tool!  It is definitely much more than a toy : )

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